UFC-Que choisir


Established in 1951, UFC-Que Choisir is a not-for-profit organisation with a nationwide network of 160 local organisations handling more than 100,000 consumer complaints a year. Through its monthly publication, UFC-Que Choisir carries out in-depth research and comparative testing for a range of goods and services. The three pillars of UFC-Que Choisir are independence, democracy and solidarity.

Success Stories

Having been very active in the 90s during the ‘mad cow disease’ crisis, UFC-Que Choisir asked for and achieved the traceability and labelling of beef. 

In 2005 we initiated the prosecution with the Competition Authority of three mobile phone operators for price fixing. Referred to the Council in 2002 by UFC-Que Choisir, a then record fine of €534 million was ordered on 30th November, 2005.


  • Founded in 1951
  • A BEUC founding member
  • 124 staff
  • Members in 2011: 155,000
  • 388,740 subscribers to our magazine and 50,000 in free copies
  • Consumers advised last year: 200,000 by 160 local UFC-Que Choisir organisations and approximately 100,000 complaints tackled


Contact Card

UFC - Que Choisir
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233, bd Voltaire
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Alain Bazot
Phone: +33 1 43 48 55 48
E-mail: abazot@quechoisir.org