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Can We Trust Our Meat?

European consumers’ confidence in their meat has hit rock-bottom in the wake of some recent international food scandals. They want to know where it comes from and how it was produced.

Because we believe consumers should be able to trust their meat, we launched a campaign in September 2014.

Check out our activities on ‘Country of Origin Labelling’ (COOL) which is about knowing where meat comes from and preventing the misuse and overuse of antibiotics in livestock.

The great fuel consumption scam

Existing fuel consumption test procedures allow car manufacturers to manipulate results. This is in turn used for fuel consumption claims which mislead consumers as to the true fuel consumption levels of their car. The consequence is paying more for fuel costs than reasonably expected. 

We reveal the tricks used by car manufacturers and the shockingly higher fuel consumption results.

As part of the solution we are campaigning to speed up the process of adopting a new and more appropriate test.

Durable goods. More sustainable products, better consumer rights

Some products fail long before we expect them to. This might be due to a lack of durable build products. Such practices lead to financial harm for consumers and put increasing pressure on natural resources.

Furthermore, consumers then often face difficulties using their legal guarantee rights.

As part of our campaign, we held a public conference where we discussed the causes and detriments of planned obsolescence as well as solutions for making our products more durable.

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