28 February 2018
23 November 2017

European Parliament urges the Commission to put data protection before trade interests

Additional safeguards are needed to make sure EU rules on data protection and privacy are not undermined by trade agreements. This is what the European Parliament’s international trade committee asked for in a vote today.
08 November 2017

European consumers face significant hurdles when shopping online outside the EU, new research shows

Although more and more Europeans shop online, their trust in the market outside the EU remains low. New research shows this is because consumers lack information and face difficulties when something goes wrong with a purchase on the global online market.

Our work areas

Chinese toys, American cars and Tunisian shoes are just some of the products from an almost endless list that European consumers use on a daily basis. Therefore, trade policy has a big influence on our lives. Ongoing trade negotiations will affect Europe’s consumers.  These will go beyond decisions on removing tariffs (possibly reducing prices of consumer goods) and potentially change the level of consumer protection when it comes to data protection, chemicals, food safety and services.

Together with our US counterparts from the Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue  (TACD) we are closely following the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) a EU-US trade deal under negotiation.

We also scrutinise the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). This is another trade deal currently being negotiated by the EU and 22 other countries. Its objective is to make trade in services such as e-commerce, telecommunications, financial services and transport between signatory countries easier.

As consumers throughout Europe do not share the same level of awareness on these agreements, BEUC has developed communication tools in order to inform ordinary citizens on the potential benefits and risks of TTIP and TISA.

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