After a decade long lobby battle, consumers can finally use their mobile phones without fear of price hikes when travelling to another EU country.

About 10 years ago, a Spanish customer roaming in Latvia paid up to €9.19, a Cypriot roaming in Belgium up to €12 and an Irish person roaming in Malta as much as €13.16 for the same call home. And up until April 2016, using 1 Gigabyte of data while roaming cost up to €200.

Following a major BEUC survey in 2003, the European Commission intervened and prices have continued to fall by more than 90% since 2007. As of June 2017, roaming fees have become a thing of the past.

Some limitations as to the amount of data consumers can use when roaming still apply and we will carefully check if operators abide by the rules. But this success of consumer organisations has made travelling in the EU a lot more fun.