Confederación de consumidores y usuarios – CECU


CECU was founded in 1983 by various independent consumer associations from 8 autonomous regions. CECU is a member of the Spanish National Consumers and Users’ Council and represents Spain at European level in the Association for the Coordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation (ANEC) and in the EU Consumer Consultative Group, ECCG.CECU has organised six inter-regional consumer congresses for Spanish and Latin American agencies in which consumer associations from 18 countries took part. These events have resulted in several Collaboration Agreements signed with some associations. The Confederation carries out consumer lobbying, information and education campaigns as well as projects and it is involved in institutional campaigns at national and European levels.

Success Stories

The publication of the Law 26/1984 of 19th July 1984 defending the rights of consumers and users, as this was the first legislative recognition of consumers and their representatives.


  • Founded in 1983
  • A BEUC member since 1991
  • 12 staff
  • Members in 2011: 68,967
  • Consumers advised last year: 205,806

Contact Card

Confederacion de Consumidores y Usuarios - CECU
Full member
Mayor, 45 - 2º
ES-28013 Madrid

David Sánchez Carpio