Federacja Konsumentów



The Polish Consumers' Association is an independent non-governmental organisation whose main purpose is to protect the individual consumer in Poland. They offer advice and assistance to all consumers in Poland, regardless of whether they are members of the organisation.

The Association aims to assist consumers in the following ways:

  • Initiate pro-consumer changes in legislation. 
  • Lobby for consumer policy, to support the concept of consumer protection among the Polish parliament.
  • Work in committees, standardisation and certification.
  • Providing consumer education in schools.

Success stories

  • Consumer protection has been included in the Constitution as well as the setting up and development of consumer courts of arbitration which function in the framework of the Trade Inspection and under the President of the Office of Electronic Communication.
  • We cooperate with the committees of the Polish Parliament and members of European Parliament, with public administration and other institutions in all areas that may be significant for consumers.
  • We are involved in public consultations regarding several acts having impact on the situation of consumers on financial, insurance and telecommunication market (for example, opinion on amendments to the Telecom Act provided to the Ministry of Infrastructure; opinion on implementation of Directive on audio-visual media services given to the National Broadcasting Council) and on sale and services including public services.


  • Founded in July 1981
  • A BEUC member since 1999
  • 12 staff, 50 freelance collaborators
  • In 2011 2,500 members and over 12,000 sympathisers
  • Consumers advised last year: 56,575 consumer advices and 40,000 incoming calls on consumer hotline.

Contact Card

Polish Consumer Federation - Federacja Konsumentów - FK
Full Member
ul. Ordynacka 11 lok.1
PL - 00-364 Warszawa

Kamil Pluskwa-Dabrowski
Phone: +48 22 827 11 73
E-mail: prezes@federacja-konsumentow.org.pl