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Foundation of Consumers (FC) is a dynamically developing non-governmental organisation that in just a few years has grown into one of the main consumer organisations in Poland. The Foundation had a long and close collaboration with the Association of Polish Consumers (SKP) until closure of the Association which has chosen FC as its successor.

The Foundation is a group of people who care about helping consumers. Our mission is to empower consumers and enable them to make informed decisions that meet their real needs. We undertake initiatives on key issues important for the better functioning of the consumer protection system. We provide free legal advice to consumers but we also have a training program on consumer rights for businesses. The results of our independent product tests are intended to help consumers make informed choices of goods.

Success Stories

Since 2015 the Foundation has been running a Consumer Helpline - the largest nationwide counseling project financed from public funds (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection). This flagship consumer advisory project in Poland is a national call center, free of charge for all consumers, open weekdays, 10 hours. We provide over 88,000 advices to individual consumers yearly. Our services are highly regarded by consumers themselves - the overall satisfaction rate of Consumer Helpline exceeds constantly 90% in each of independent studies conducted on a regular basis.

Since 2019 we have conducted series of consumer tests checking buckwheat and millet for residues of glyphosate. The tests showed that the maximum levels of glyphosate residues were exceeded in many products. A media storm which was ignited with hundreds of publications and millions of viewers, has pushed a debate to deal with the issue of misuse of glyphosate by the farmers and supported a petition to ban glyphosate.

Since 2020 the Foundation, as the first ever Polish consumer organization, has been leading  the EU funded project “The same but different” on limiting dual quality and strengthening consumer organisations (funded by the European Union’s Consumer Programme). Here we aim at enabling Baltic region’s consumer organisations to run food tests (checking the quality of tea and coffee) and empowering consumers by providing them with trustworthy information. Our tests of tea surprisingly discovered exceeded Maximum Residue Level (MRL) for the trimethyl-sulfonium cation in most of the tea samples.


Founded in 2013
BEUC member since 2021
Staff - estimated 15 FTE
Over 7,000 free legal advices monthly 
Website  - around 250,000 views / year
Facebook page - around 420,000 people / year
Media relations - action based, most recently with publication of 2 consumer reports with tests of food reached over 2,000,000 people in less than 3 months

Contact Card

Fundacja Konsumentów
Affiliate Member
J.S. Bacha 34/1004
02-743 Warszawa

Contact person: Pawel Rokicki