Kuluttajaliitto-Konsumentförbundet ry



The Consumers’ Union of Finland is an independent promoter of the interests and rights of consumers. Its aims are to promote consumer awareness and encourage consumers to further their interests everywhere. Kuluttajaliitto-Konsumentförbundet ry also supports the principles of fairness and sustainable consumption. Protection of the environment is also a major concern. 


  • Founded in 1990
  • BEUC member since 1993
  • 9 staff
  • Members: 54 local and regional consumer association as well 16 national federations, unions and associations representing various consumer interests

Contact Card

Kuluttajaliitto – Konsumentförbundet ry
Full Member
Paciuksenkatu 19
00270 Helsinki

Secretary General
Juha Beurling
Phone: +358 9 4542210
E-mail: juha.beurling@kuluttajaliitto.fi