30 September 2021

Major airlines told to comply with passenger rights following BEUC complaint

Following a complaint that BEUC and 11 of its members1 filed in July 2020 about systematic breaches of air passenger rights in the first half of 2020, and investigations by the European Commission and the Network of Consumer Protection Cooperation authorities (CPC), today 16 major EU-based airlines2 committed to improving their cancellation policies and how they treat passengers in such events.
28 September 2021

Six years after Dieselgate scandal broke, consumer authorities finally jointly call on VW to compensate consumers

According to a statement today from the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network (CPC) authorities, Volkswagen has been asked to offer “appropriate solutions” to consumers who are currently in court against the car manufacturer and to end legal proceedings.
27 January 2021

BEUC launches Europe-wide complaint against Nintendo for premature obsolescence

Following nearly 25,000 complaints from European consumers, BEUC and its members have submitted a complaint about Nintendo to the European Commission and national consumer protection authorities for systematic problems with the functionality of the Nintendo Switch console.

Our work areas

The world is changing fast. The green transition and digitalisation are trends that are having - and will have - a significant impact on consumers. BEUC is at the forefront of efforts to ensure consumers are front and centre in a greener and more digital Europe.

The EU’s flagship climate programme - the European Green Deal - will bring big changes for consumers, whether it is greener and more durable products or energy efficient home renovation. Consumer buy-in will be central to the Green Deal’s success and BEUC’s work is centred around ensuring the green transition is both affordable and accessible to all consumers. 

The digitalisation of the economy is also posing challenges to consumer protection. BEUC is leading efforts to ensure that EU consumer law adequately protects consumers in today’s digital world, whether it’s protection from ‘dark patterns,’ unfair online advertising and privacy-intrusive profiling and personalisation, or when dealing with connected products.

Efforts to ensure consumer protection in the green and digital transitions go hand-in-hand with wider efforts to strengthen consumer rights, such as the right to meaningful information, protection against unfair terms and practices, or the right to remedy when things go wrong.

BEUC is also working to ensure passengers – across all modes of transport – and travellers enjoy strong and enforceable rights, including for multimodal journeys. BEUC will also ensure that passengers are protected against airline insolvency and that there is a review of pre-payment business models in the tourism sector, which have proved unsustainable in times of crisis.

Our objectives

  • Continue to update and modernise EU consumer law as society becomes increasingly digitalised:
    • Meet challenges of consumer protection by strengthening consumer rights, such as the rights to receive correct information, to not be misled, to be protected against unfair terms and unfair practices, or to have remedies available in case of faulty goods
    • Consumers should have effective remedies available if traders breach EU consumer law
  • EU air passenger rights legislation improved and completed. Legislation must be better enforced to ensure the difficulties consumers face when travelling by air are reduced
  • Defend the consumer voice during the EU’s fitness check of consumer law (REFIT)
  • Make sure consumers are protected when it comes to who is liable for a defective product

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Europäischer Verbraucherverband
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