15 February 2021
03 February 2021

EU Cancer Plan rightly puts healthy diets centre stage

Today, the European Commission has unveiled a new plan to turn the tide against cancer. Unhealthy diets as well as overweight and obesity are significant risk factors for cancer. BEUC welcomes that the EU Commission wants to help prevent cancer by making healthy food choices easier for consumers. However, it is a disappointment that some measures on ending EU-funded ads for meat have been watered down in the plan’s final version.
15 December 2020

Front-of-pack nutrition labelling: EU Member States fail to reach consensus

The EU’s German Presidency has just adopted conclusions on food labelling. Sadly, what were originally intended to be Council conclusions – signed off by all Member States – have been downgraded to non-unanimous Presidency conclusions, which send a weaker message.

Our work areas

Consumers expect the food on their plate to be of good quality and safe. But this is not always the case, as recent safety-related scandals have brought to light. Since food safety cannot be taken for granted, BEUC’s role is to ensure that consumers can trust in a safe food supply in the EU.

Also, while new technologies have the potential to bring benefits to consumers, they must be closely monitored as they may also present health risks.

For BEUC, consumers should be able to make informed choices – be it by having clear and understandable information on food packaging, or ensuring that health messages on food products are scientifically justified. BEUC also works to ensure vulnerable groups such as children are not targeted with unhealthy foods high in fat, salt and sugar.

Our objectives

  • Facilitate informed and healthy choices by consumers, including vulnerable groups
  • Prevent misleading information and ensure that information can be trusted
  • Protect children from the promotion of unhealthy food
  • Ensure food sold to consumers is safe and sustainable

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