ONLINE EVENT | Heating our homes without breaking the bank and heating up the planet

About this event:

Consumers want to be able to heat their homes affordably and without heating the planet. Climate change is an increasing worry for consumers: 93% of Europeans cite it as a serious problem according to a .

But there’s a problem. Gas boilers, which are used by millions of consumers across Europe, are both polluting and leave us exposed to major price fluctuations. As we’ve seen in recent months, this can have a major impact on consumers’ energy bills.

However, the transition from gas boilers to green heating will take both time and money. What’s more, the decisions we make today will influence whether Europe can remain on course to meet its climate objectives by 2030.

To fuel the debate, BEUC has commissioned a major new study examining the cost and sustainability of different heating options that are - or will - become available to consumers (electric heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps, hydrogen).

Join us on 30 November 2021 in the latest of our series of #ConsumerDebates events to:  

  • Dive into the results of BEUC’s ground-breaking new report
  • Discuss which heating options are most suited to consumers
  • Learn how to accelerate the transition to greener home heating


  • Karlis Goldstein, Energy Efficiency Assistant, Cabinet of Commissioner Kadri Simson, European Commission
  • Francesco Venturini, CEO, Enel X
  • Lisa Fischer, Programme Leader, E3G
  • Thomas Nowak, EHPA (European Heat Pump Association), Secretary General
  • Ileana Izverniceanu, Director for Communication and Institutional Relations and Spokesperson, OCU (Spanish consumer organisation)
  • Monique Goyens, Director General, BEUC
  • Moderated by Anna Gumbau, energy journalist

When? 30 November 2021 | 15.30-17.00 CET (online)

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