2 new colleagues joined BEUC’s Digital and Consumer Rights/Enforcement teams

BEUC news – 13.05.2015

This week, David Martín and Christoph Schmon have joined BEUC and will be reinforcing our Digital and Consumer Rights/Enforcement teams.

David Martín is our new Senior Legal Officer. David will focus on the Data Protection dossier and other related issues. He will also work on competition policy, in particular the Google antitrust investigation. David is Spanish and is a well-seasoned policy expert in Brussels, with over 7 years of experience on digital issues.

Christoph Schmon, our new Legal Officer, will strenghten our work on legal consumer files and help running the CoJEF project. Christoph is Austrian, he is finishing his PhD in International and Comparative Law and has worked as a researcher and lawyer for several years.

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