Altroconsumo’ 'Festival Futuro' to explore our connected lives

BEUC NEWS - 02.11.2017

Our lives are getting more connected than ever. Proof of this development is that more and more people pay for a pair of shoes, a coffee or a bill just with their smartphone. Robots will be able to perform medical surgery, computers will soon drive your car while you sit back hands off the wheel… The list goes on.

While digital services can make consumers’ lives easier, they can present risks too, be they related to security, safety or privacy. To explore this “revolution of things” from the consumer's point of view, BEUC’s Italian member Altroconsumo is hosting Festival Futuro on 4-5 November in Milan.

Similarly, BEUC’s event 'Internet of things: a brave new world for consumers?' will also take a close look at the risks and opportunities of the digitalisation of our lives. The event will take place on 28 November in Brussels.