Better Regulation Watchdog launches website

BEUC news - 23.06.2015

The Better Regulation Watchdog has launched its website

Established last May, the Watchdog network comprises 57 European consumer, environmental, citizen and public health organisations, trade unions and organisations advancing social justice, all united in concerns over the European Commission’s ‘Better Regulation’ agenda

BEUC is a founding member of the Better Regulation Watchdog.  

EU decision making should be characterised by improving regulation, not reducing it

With European legislation increasingly presented as burdensome for business, the Better Regulation Watchdog is concerned that the Commission’s initiative could weaken, revoke or preclude essential regulations designed to protect consumers, citizens, workers and the environment.

In short, the Watchdog exists to ensure this agenda does not harm societal welfare and the public interest as a whole in the name of “reducing regulatory burdens” but that ”Better regulation should be better for all”. 

Challenging the assertion that regulation is a burden for society

The Better Regulation Watchdog works to defend European citizens’ rights to high social, labour law, environmental, consumer protection and public health standards.

By exchanging knowledge, the network adds value to the member organisations’ monitoring, evaluation and advocacy work. It will help provide input to the processes and debates, while increasing understanding among civil society, media and decision makers about the ”Better Regulation” agenda’s risks.

More information

Visit and read the open letter of June 3rd to the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz.