Commission delays new strategy on endocrine disruptors

A European Commission spokesman confirmed that the current Commission will not come forward with plans to establish criteria to identify and evaluate endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). These plans were due by the end of 2013. Those chemicals can negatively interfere with the hormone system of humans and environment. Consumer groups have long been calling for better regulation.

In recent months, relevant industry actors and sections of the scientific community have increased their pressure on the Commission to refrain from stricter legal provisions.

BEUC is concerned that a delay in measures on EDCs could pose a risk for consumer safety altogether. US companies already consider the current EU approach to regulating chemicals as a trade barrier. If this opinion gains traction in the ongoing EU-US trade talks, tightening the EU’s endocrine disruptor rules could become even more difficult.

For BEUC it is very clear that safeguarding consumer interests calls for developing criteria solely on the basis of scientific arguments without them being mixed with economic issues.