Consumer groups advocate for smart products that are safe and secure for people to use

BEUC NEWS - 14.11.2018

ask the EU and OECD for this year’s . As global policy-makers discuss the safety of products in a connected world, European consumer groups remind them that people must be protected from both safety and security flaws.


The Internet of Things may be the hottest topic of the late 2010s. It all boils down to this: many new products can connect to the Internet. And not just televisions or thermostats. Even some coffee machines, rubbish bins and plates now have the means. Not to forget about .

Regardless of the hypothetical added value of a coffee machine being connected, the question looms how consumers can make the most of this array of new products on the market. What risks are they exposed to? Is people’s safety, security and their right to privacy safeguarded?

Tests by consumer groups reveal this is often not the case and point to flaws in our legal system.

Together with , the consumer voice in standardisation, we therefore remind policy-makers to tackle the risks revealed by our testing. Only with decisive policy action can people make the most of smart products.