Consumer groups to host conference on environmental hazards & justice

BEUC NEWS - 06.09.2018

Portuguese consumer group DECO and The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) are organising a conference on environmental justice in Porto on October 12th.


Titled ‘Consumers and environmental justice: Practical solutions for distressed consumers’, it explores the unequal impact of environmental hazards on different groups of consumers. This includes air pollution, extreme weathConsumers and environmental justice - What practical solutions?er conditions (fires, floods) and contaminants in food.

The detriment of such environmental hazards has increased in recent years. Not only because of ever more frequent extreme weather events. Other factors are absent, unambitious or inadequate legislation to mitigate their effect, as well as missing private sector engagement to provide more sustainable solutions. With different groups of the population affected in different ways, consumer groups worry about asymmetric impacts among people.

Which is why consumer groups view these developments both from a prevention and an enforcement perspective. With this conference, they intend to play a leading role in fighting this environmental crisis and present decision-makers with solutions – especially to help compensate those that suffer from its consequences.

DECO and BEUC have invited a wide range of experts to feed these solutions. Up for discussion will be extreme weather events and insurances, environmental health and redress mechanisms, emissions of air pollutants and public enforcement, safe food and the risk of exclusion.

More info and the programme can be found here.