Consumer groups, NGOs and industry call upon EU Member States to advance ePrivacy reform

BEUC NEWS - 03.12.2018

The ongoing reform of the EU’s ePrivacy legislation is necessary to protect consumers' online privacy and make modern online communications confidential and secure. Yet EU Member States (EU Council) have been slow in seeing through this reform, despite repeated scandals showing the need for it.


A coalition of more than 30 consumer groups, NGOs and industry representatives to EU Ministers urging them to conclude the reform negotiations during the Telecommunications Council meeting tomorrow (December 4th).

“The current surveillance-driven business model of a few large players is not only distorting the advertising and other online markets but also severely undermining the fundamental rights of people living in the European Union and endangering our democracy,” the coalition explains.

The signatories represent individuals, consumers and actors of the whole online ecosystem: from search engines through email providers to secure cloud storage providers, privacy-friendly analytics as well as identity management services and browsers.

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