Consumers missing out on benefits of energy switching because of 5 main barriers

BEUC NEWS - 09.10.2017

Click here to read the brochureBEUC has published a brochure about the five main barriers consumers often face when they try to switch energy suppliers.


The ability to change energy suppliers is a basic need for consumers in a functioning energy market. But across Europe, switching rates in the energy market are generally low. As a result, consumers are on average missing out on between €29 and €389 depending on the country.

The brochure contains real stories from consumers around Europe about the hurdles that make the switching process more complex and frustrating than it should be. It also contains recommendations for MEPs to make switching easier. The European Parliament is currently examining and amending European Commission proposals to reform the EU’s electricity market.

The five barriers that BEUC identified as deserving attention at EU level are: inadequate information to consumers, aggressive selling practices, complex and bundled energy offers, switching fees and the complicated administrative process to switch