DEBATE: The Representative Actions Proposal - Is it a Good Deal for Consumers?

BEUC NEWS - 24.10.2018

The Volkswagen scandal showed how vulnerable consumers across Europe are when they are cheated. Because most people don’t go to court individually to take on a multinational company, a good solution is to go to court as a group. But only a handful of EU countries offer a working and relatively efficient system for this. In the big majority of countries, it is either legally impossible to do so, or the system in place does not function properly.

To fill this gaping hole in the consumer armoury, the European Commission proposed to create group actions everywhere in the EU with its legislative package the New Deal for Consumers. This reform could be a gamechanger, but it has its opponents. Will the EU deliver a good deal for consumers? Come and hear what our panel thinks by attending this evening debate.

Opening speech
Ursula Pachl, BEUC

Moderator – Dave Keating (journalist)

•    Geoffroy Didier, MEP, rapporteur for the Representative Actions Proposal
•    Gabriele Zgubic, Austrian Chamber of Labour
•    Joanna Lopatowska, EuroCommerce
•    Els Bruggeman, Test Achats / Test Aankoop

Followed by a cocktail/standing dinner.

To attend the debate, follow this link to register.