Energy products bundled into a package require concerted cooperation, say regulators

Energy regulators, dispute resolution bodies and consumer groups have agreed today to make a concerted effort to address energy products which are sold as a bundle.


Bundled products are already common in several sectors, such as travel or insurance, and they are becoming more common in energy. These can include repair services for electrical goods, or insurance products, which are sold together with an energy contract. Apart from the obvious complaint handling confusion of not knowing who to complain to for the service, there are also issues of misleading practices and unfair terms, lack of transparency or gaps in liability. These kinds of products raise challenges for consumer protection and enforcement across sectors more generally.

Which is why BEUC, the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) and the National Energy Ombudsmen Network (NEON) organised a workshop under the Partnership for the Enforcement of European Rights (PEER). CEER developed a guide on bundled products, which includes 10 principles for companies offering bundled products and 3 principles for regulators.

Read the guide .