EU-US orgs demand protection of fundamental digital rights

BEUC NEWS - 04.11.2015

On 27-28 October 2015 BEUC attended the 37th International Privacy Conference which took place in Amsterdam. In a joint statement issued at the conference, BEUC and a group of leading privacy and consumer organisations from both sides of the Atlantic called on data protection officials around the world to support a meaningful legal privacy framework that would protect the fundamental rights of both citizens and consumers in the online era.

The statement criticised the recently released “Privacy Bridges” report, which was at the centre of the conference programme and primarily recommends a continuation of industry self-regulation to address privacy. In contrast, in the light of the European Court of Justice decision on ‘Safe Harbor’, BEUC and the rest of the signatories of the statement call on the EU and US authorities to refocus their attention on the need to update, strengthen and enforce privacy law.

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