Fitness check of EU consumer law: consumer rights need strengthening

BEUC NEWS - 02.09.16

BEUC is calling for stronger and more modern EU consumer rights that reflect the diversity and complexity of transactions between businesses and consumers across Europe. The call is part of an ongoing fitness check of EU consumer laws by the European Commission, a process known by its acronym REFIT of Consumer Law 2016, to see if EU consumer rights are fit for purpose or should be amended.

BEUC is convinced EU consumer law gives consumers essential rights, such as the rights to receive true information, to not be misled, to be protected against unfair terms and unfair practices, or to have remedies available in case of faulty goods. But these rights are too often left unenforced and urgently need to be complemented by an EU-wide system of redress when damages occur. BEUC wants to make sure that the REFIT process of consumer law in no way weakens existing consumer rights.

BEUC's position paper on the REFIT of Consumer Law 2016 is available here.