Has the Commission convinced EU countries to introduce collective redress?

BEUC NEWS - 26.01.2018

A European Commission report issued yesterday shows that a 2013 recommendation to EU Member States to introduce a collective redress system has had little impact.


Very few EU countries have introduced or amended legislation in this area, and 9 countries still do not provide any possibility for consumers to claim compensation collectively. In countries where collective redress does exist, it is usually not effective enough, and BEUC considers that only 5 EU countries have a working system of collective redress.

BEUC is reiterating its call to the European Commission that 2018 really is the last chance to introduce an EU-wide system of collective redress. There have been too many scandals in recent years, like Volkswagen’s cheating on emissions, and the Commission has itself recognised that it has to show it is doing more to look after citizens.

The legislative package New Deal for Consumers expected this spring must include provisions that make collective redress possible anywhere in the EU.