High hopes for safer medical devices

Hip prostheses, breast implants and other life-saving medical devices are at the heart of a lengthy and thorough legislative overhaul.

Last October, the European Parliament strongly endorsed the Commission’s new rules strengthening medical devices’ assessment standards. Improvements include unannounced annual inspections, increased qualifications and independence of inspectors (the ‘notified bodies’), and more information to consumers.

BEUC is pressing the Council (who are next in line in the EU decision making process) to call for stricter evaluation before the devices are available. Safety-related scandals have shown the current system is too permissive and needs more boldness.

Greece - who yesterday took over the 6-month EU Presidency - is willing to strike a deal with the Commission before the end of June. Let’s hope both parties will do their utmost to finalise a text so critical to many European consumers.

See BEUC’s video with consumer testimonies and press release on EP’s environment and public health committee vote.


Medical devices testimonials par BEUC_channel