New BEUC video describes its role as “The Consumer Voice in Europe”

BEUC NEWS - 01.09.2015

At BEUC, we took time during the summer to look back on what we have achieved and find new ways to emphasise our mission and goals.

To mark this, we created a new video, stressing our raison d'être – developed over more than 50 years – and taking note of our many achievements.

With 80% of national laws dependent upon decisions at EU-level, it is vital that we continue to advocate for laws which are fair and sustainable for consumers. Over the next couple of months, we will do so with renewed vigour so as to make, among others, the Digital Single Market (DSM) and Capital Markets Union (CMU) work for consumers across Europe.

Together with our members, we look forward to ensure that European consumers are empowered and European markets are fair and accessible to all. 


BEUC - The Consumer Voice in Europe par BEUC_channel