New campaign: ‘Where is my meat from?’

BEUC steps up demand for origin labelling of processed meat

To demystify our meat’s origin, BEUC has launched a - together with member organisations from 14 countries - calling for mandatory ‘Country of Origin Labelling’ (‘COOL’) on processed meat products such as sausages, ham and ravioli - to name a few.

When meat-related scandals hit the headlines, consumers’ trust in meat plunges. One can’t blame them. As transparency is the basis of a trusting relationship, we believe making the meat supply chain more transparent is crucial to the restoration of consumers’ lost confidence in meat.

Origin labelling should be part of the solution. Research has shown that 90% of consumers want to know where their meat comes from. Still, you can have a hard time finding out the origin of the meat in your burger or ready-meal. Only a handful of manufacturers voluntarily display this information.

As consumers’ voices have been unheard by EU decision makers until now, our campaign intends to turn the tide and finally make origin labels the norm on processed meat products.

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