Paying online: consumers worry about use of their data

BEUC NEWS - 7.06.2017

A survey in Germany has shown that consumers are concerned and want a greater say over what happens to their personal data when they pay for things online.


Payment schemes like PayPal are used more and more frequently, but users are becoming sceptical about how their data may be used to create personalised prices in the future.

In analysing the different payment options for shopping online, the survey’s authors found that 34% of consumers would cancel the payment process if they knew that their personal data would be used to personalise prices and advertising. A total of 30 percent said they would not want to use the payment services if their data were used to create a buyer profile.

The survey also found that in half of cases, people had to create a user account before completing the payment process. Current forecasts project a big growth in online sales over the next few years. The survey was carried out by the ‘Market Watch’ team of the Verbraucherzentrale Brandenburg, a regional member of the vzbv network, during September and October 2016.

More information about the survey can be found here (in German).