Summary of findings into review of EU consumer law

BEUC NEWS - 15.03.2018

One month ahead of the European Commission’s New Deal for Consumers, BEUC has published a summary of the main findings from the review of consumer law (REFIT) the Commission carried out in 2016 and 2017.


The findings showed that EU consumer law was fit for purpose. The Commission concluded that consumer rights needed to be better enforced, and it acknowledged that consumers needed better protection, given market developments such as greater digitalisation and the advent of services where consumers pay with their data.

BEUC’s brochure also covers where collective redress exists across Europe. It highlights where consumers can make effective use of such a scheme when they have suffered mass harm, for example after the revelations of the diesel emissions scandal. The Commission is expected to take action in this area.

BEUC’s brochure is available for download here and will serve as a useful reminder in the coming months as the EU prepares to strengthen consumer rights across the EU.