VW response to BEUC and members coordinated action

BEUC NEWS - 22.10.2015

On 2 October 2015, BEUC and its members wrote to VW Group CEO Matthias Müller to voice its concern about the possible impacts for consumers of the use of ‘defeat devices’.

In his response, Mr. Matthias Müller states that:

  • VW will cooperate constructively with the authorities, announce measures at an early stage and coordinate them transparently;
  • The company will inform customers regularly and comprehensively about planned measures;
  • VW will offer a solution for all affected EA 189 diesel engines and that all vehicles will comply with statutory requirements;
  • ‘No consumer will have the bear the cost’ of repair work

However, the company does not provide any information on the nature of the technical measures and modifications to be made; any information on possible compensation for consumers in case the repair fails or will impair the performance or fuel consumption of the affected cars, or if it is deemed that resale prices of affected vehicles are reduced; and nor does it confirm whether consumers will be provided courtesy cars during the repair.  

On behalf of its members, BEUC will continue to put pressure on the VW Group and, in the next few weeks, discuss with all relevant authorities, including, the German Federal Motor Transport Agency (KAB) (together with our German member VZBV) in order to clarify what measures will be taken in relation to the recall.