On 1 April, your online subscriptions will travel with you

PRESS RELEASE - 27.03.2018

As of 1 April, consumers will be able to use online subscriptions they legally bought in their home country such as movies, sports, music, games, e-books in any country of the EU. Currently, people were often prevented from using such subscriptions the moment the user travels to another EU-country.


However, these new rules will only benefit people who are travelling and access their streaming subscription acquired in their home country. The EU has yet to put in a place a solution for those who want to watch films, sport events and series online from a foreign provider.

Monique Goyens, Director General of The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), commented:

“People travelling during the Easter holidays can continue to watch their favourite Netflix or Amazon Prime series or watch the next Champions League match online. In the past, due to outdated copyright rules, their home subscriptions were often unusable the moment they crossed the border.

“These are important changes. People who travel for work, holidays or study should be able to use their online subscriptions as if they were at home. That’s an essential principle of the Digital Single Market for consumers.

“This can only be a first step. The EU must also take action to allow people to watch online films, series or sport events from a foreign broadcaster.”