A brighter future beckons for consumers in energy

PRESS STATEMENT - 21.02.2018

A European Parliament committee has today voted to give consumers greater rights in tomorrow’s energy market. The energy (ITRE) committee was voting on Commission proposals to reform the electricity market out to 2030.


Among the issues addressed by the vote are consumer-friendly bills, which would have to follow certain requirements for simplicity and clarity, faster switching between suppliers, which should be completed within 24 hours by 2022, and it should be easier to compare different services that are part of a bundle which includes energy services and, for example, insurance on household appliances.

Consumers keen on using smart technologies or on producing their electricity also get a boost. For example, those with a smart meter should receive information on their consumption almost in real-time and they should have full control over their data. There should also be streamlined and easier procedures for people who produce electricity and want to feed it into the grid.

Monique Goyens, Director General of the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), said: “Consumers can expect a brighter future if these proposals make it into EU law. Faster switching between suppliers and simpler energy bills are basic requirements for consumers in today’s energy market.

“It makes sense to simplify things for those who want to produce electricity. The electricity market will change in the coming years and people need to be in control, not lost in paperwork.”

The next step for this file is the negotiation between the three EU institutions so the proposal can be turned into EU law.