Commission sets out roadmap for collaborative economy in Europe

PRESS STATEMENT - 02.06.2016

The European Commission today presented its plans for framing the build-up of a collaborative economy in the EU. The collaborative economy covers a broad range of services such as car sharing platforms, holiday rental offers or home-cooking projects.


Monique Goyens, Director General of The European Consumer Organisation BEUC, commented:

“The collaborative economy is shaking up the consumer experience and paves the way for new opportunities in many markets. Consumers are keen to participate in these new consumption models. We agree with the Commission that the benefits of this booming sector need to be embraced.

“The emergence of these new players does raise important questions though. Consumers need these platforms to be transparent about their business model and adequate protection when something goes wrong.

“The collaborative economy also opens the door for consumers to offer services themselves. For this to work fairly, clear rules are needed so consumers know when they are considered traders or not, and what their obligations are. For example, a person renting out several apartments may need to be registered for undertaking a commercial activity while a consumer who rents his house while on holiday would not qualify as a trader.”