Online consumer law toolbox to support European SMEs goes live

PRESS RELEASE - 21.03.2018



From today, European SMEs will now have access to a comprehensive range of online resources to help comply with EU and national consumer law via the new Consumer Law Ready website .


Through guides, videos, quizzes and e-tests, businesses in all EU Member States will be able to more easily navigate through complex European consumer legislation. This will help them improve in their customer service and increase consumer trust, reducing the likelihood of consumer complaints and the risk of costly litigation.

The website and online training materials are tailored for each country and available in all EU languages.

To provide SMEs with comprehensive support, the online platform focuses on five concrete topics:

  • Pre-contractual information requirements;
  • Right of withdrawal;
  • Consumer rights and guarantees in case of non-conform products;
  • Unfair commercial practices and unfair contract terms;
  • Alternative dispute resolution and online dispute resolution.

The website and the online tools will be further complemented by the support that will be provided by the local Consumer Law Ready trainers that are currently being trained across the different countries. These will increase the opportunities for SMEs to gain the necessary understanding and to make them Consumer Law Ready.

About Consumer Law Ready

Consumer Law Ready is an EU project, funded and managed by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Justice & Consumers, which focuses on developing a consumer law education programme for SMEs by establishing a network of Consumer Law Ready trained trainers in all EU Member States and providing materials.

The programme and tools were designed and developed in the course of 2017 in partnership with business and consumer organisations.

The Consumer Law Ready project is implemented by the European Consumer Organisation (), in partnership with , the Association of the European Chambers of Commerce; and the European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises ().


More information on Consumer Law Ready:


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