Volkswagen informs EU consumers but does not address compensation

PRESS STATEMENT - 18.12.2015

This week, Volkswagen explained how it addresses complaints from car owners affected by the emissions scandal. For the first time, Volkswagen has heeded BEUC’s repeated calls to offer solutions to all European drivers and presented measures to both German and European consumers.

These measures include efforts to better inform its customers, a waiver of the defence of limitation for damages and initiatives to avoid mobility restrictions when the car is being repaired.

Monique Goyens, Director General of The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) said:

“We welcome that Volkswagen has finally proposed measures for all consumers in Europe. But these measures leave too many questions still unanswered. Volkswagen will have to step up its efforts if it wants to win back lost trust.

“This scandal has affected all European consumers in a similar way. It does not make sense that Volkswagen splits up markets when it comes to consumer redress.

“Volkswagen cannot offer guarantees that repairing the car will not alter its performance or fuel consumption. Volkswagen should reassure consumers by committing to financially compensate car owners of affected vehicles for any damage, whether that concerns the impact on the value of the cars, the cars’ performance, or any aspect due to its misleading practices. The VW scandal is not over. In fact, it is entering its decisive phase.”

More info on Volkswagen for customers in Germany and Europe.

Dec 2015