Sustainable mobility


The EU is making sustained efforts to tackle the climate crisis by cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, not least through its Green Deal. Consumer behaviour and choice are make-or-break factors for the success of these efforts. But consumers are locked into a mobility system that fundamentally depends on fossil fuels. We may wish to change the way we move about but have little or no alternatives for doing so.

That is why BEUC advocates to make sure consumers can and access greener transport options that work for them. We stress : from curbing CO2 emissions through higher reduction targets, to , , improving long-distance rail and public transport, and promoting cycling and walking. We also see a role for that can spur these developments. As we witness a global trend towards , we ask decision-makers to pay particular attention to the needs of different socio-economic and geographic groups of consumers.

While environmental considerations form a major part of our mobility work, we also note digital innovations in the mobility sector. For example, pose a whole new set of questions regarding liability, safety, data protection, fair competition and more.