Stowarzyszenie Konsumentów Polskich – SKP


The aim of SKP is to create and develop consumer awareness of their rights to health and safety, the protection of economic interests, information and education, legal protection, representation and to act to protect these rights.We have qualifications and experience in consumer advice, education, research, training, networking and multi-stakeholder cooperation. We are always on the side of consumers.

Success Stories

  • Since 2010 we organise a public and multi-stakeholder event to celebrate Consumer Rights Day; the form being an open ‘consumer knowledge marketplace’. The event builds on the promotion of consumer rights and better cooperation among stakeholders. Similar awareness raising events were also accomplished in other European countries.
  • The Association successfully initiated and implemented new forms of consumer information and advice in Poland:
    • National consumer hotline – since 2006 (now operated by another organisation)
    • National e-advice – since 2012


  • Founded March 14th, 1995
  • A BEUC member since May 2005
  • Permanent staff limited to 1, experts hired to deliver projects
  • Consumers advised: about 3,000 monthly

Contact Card

Stowarzyszenie Konsumentów Polskich - SKP
Full Member
ul. M. Kasprzaka 49
PL 01-234 Warszawa

Grazyna Rokicka
Phone: +48 604 985 935