Financial Information

BEUC is an independent not-for-profit making consumer organisation, registered under Belgian law as an AISBL (Association internationale sans but lucratif) under number 422 071 051 .

The operational budget

In 2015, the operational budget of BEUC amounted to €3,751,000. It represents 76% of our total income.

The operational budget is devoted to our core activities: campaigning and lobbying the EU institutions in the consumer interests and providing feedback to our members on EU developments in this field.

Our biggest contributors in this context are our member organisations. In 2015, their contributions represented 51% of our operational budget.

Members contribute, in principle, 0.45% of their income to BEUC. However, only the more resourced members do so. 13 members, partly originating from the new Member States only pay a very small lump sum of €1,050 or €1,400 per year and their costs for joining the BEUC meetings (general assembly, expert groups, working groups) are widely reimbursed by BEUC. This policy has been set up by BEUC in order to make it possible to effectively involve the consumer organisations from the new Member States in the decision making process at EU level.

The EU budget 2014-2019 provides for a budget line that allocates EU operational grants to European consumer organisations. Under this budget, BEUC receives a grant (to be applied for on a yearly basis) of €1,400,000.

This grant finds its justification in the need to provide EU decision makers with a balanced feedback from various interest groups, and to fill the gap in the representation of those interest groups linked to the imbalanced means of business and trade interests on the one hand, and not-for-profit making organisations on the other. This is one of the initiatives taken by the EU to neutralise the democratic deficit of which it has been accused.

In 2015, this EU Operational Grant represented 37 % of the operational BEUC budget and 28% of the total budget.

A third funding stream stems from foundations who chose to contribute to making the consumer voice heard in the EU’s decision-making process. In 2016, their contributions amounted to 11% of BEUC’s operational budget. 


In addition to the operational budget, BEUC is engaged in projects that we carry out on the basis of calls for tenders that have been published, and that have been won by us.

In 2015, BEUC carried out projects for an overall budget of €1,157,000. The project related budget represents 24% of the total income of BEUC.

You can find more information on our budget in our annual report