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BEUC for me is a very important partner because that’s the organisation which represents the real, very strong voice for consumers in the European Union.
Věra Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality

Why support BEUC?

BEUC with its around 40 staff members is the only organisation representing the voice of European consumers at the EU level. For over 50 years and despite limited resources, BEUC – a non-profit organisation – has championed the rights and safety of the almost 500 million consumers.

How do we do this? For example, by scrutinising the labelling of your meat or tackling the lack of transparency in international trade agreement negotiations.

This daily work is reflected in major successes. We successfully fought against surcharges on payments and have been at the forefront of EU regulations that curb mobile roaming fees. Due to our efforts, package holiday travellers are now better protected against the non-delivery of these services. Our campaign against a hazardous chemical used in children’s toys resulted in an EU-wide ban on its use. We have also improved the post-market surveillance of drugs by pushing for the inclusion of ‘inverted black triangle’ marking, which informs consumers that a medicine needs further monitoring by authorities. But this is far from all.

Donations from public interest spirited organisations help us continue to put EU policy-making to the test of consumer’s demands.

Join these contributors today! By contributing to BEUC you join a collective impact on the future of consumer protection in Europe. With your support, our voice can be even stronger.

How to make a contribution

If you wish to support a BEUC special project or our general work, please contact

Please note that BEUC solicits current and deferred funds from EU institutions, public authorities, NGOs, foundations and individuals.

Gifts/grants are neither sought after nor accepted from companies in order to maintain the highest freedom and independence of BEUC’s programmes.

Projects where we need your help

Curious about where your contribution can help improve consumer protection? Some examples below.

Internet of Things – A welcome evolution, but a potential risk to consumers’ privacy and safety

The internet continues to further evolve. From interconnected computers to networks of interconnected objects such as books, cars, electrical appliances and even food packaging – an increasing number of ‘things’ will contain sensors communicating via the internet.

While we welcome this digital revolution, we also believe it will have a tremendous impact on individual privacy. We are witnessing an unprecedented proliferation of the amount of information collected, stored, filtered and retained. The compromise of our privacy is ever-increasing.

The impacts do not stop here: the Internet also impacts physical safety and consumer control. What if your connected car goes out of control? What if a connected fridge imposes particular consumption patterns upon people?

To effectively monitor this trend, we need to raise enough funds.

A Strong Consumer Movement in Europe

Consumer organisations play an essential role in our society and in market economies: they provide consumers with advice, act as watchdogs, give a voice to consumers in the political debate and are involved in enforcement of laws. Despite their importance, their resources to fulfil these functions vary enormously between the 28 EU Member States.

In Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe (CESEE), consumer organisations are particularly dependent on public financing for their operations. What is worrying for the consumer movement is that public funding is increasingly reduced, which prevents these organisations from taking up important new challenges.

To continue the various initiatives that we have supported since 2012, we require additional funding. This funding is partly covered by ourselves, our member organisations and commitments of EU & national institutions. Extra support from additional funders is much-needed to complement this.  

Our donors & partners

BEUC gratefully acknowledges the funding we receive from our donors. This helps us achieve our mission: represent our members at European level and defend the interests of all Europe’s consumers.

The achievements of our policy work would not be possible without building strong partnerships with these donors. They include national members – who contribute to the major part of our budget – our institutional donors and a growing number of foundations.

Over the last financial years, we have been supported by:

We extend a very warm thank you to all the organisations and individuals that have demonstrated interest in and support of our work through their contributions, ideas and knowledge.