08 November 2017

European consumers face significant hurdles when shopping online outside the EU, new research shows

Although more and more Europeans shop online, their trust in the market outside the EU remains low. New research shows this is because consumers lack information and face difficulties when something goes wrong with a purchase on the global online market.
26 October 2017

MEP’s cleared the path for crucial ePrivacy law

MEPs gave their green light to the Parliament to start negotiations with Member States on a crucial update of the EU’s ePrivacy law. The law would safeguard consumers’ privacy when they go on the internet or use mobile apps as well as protect the confidentiality of their online communication.
25 October 2017

European Parliament to decide about fate of consumers’ privacy online

Tomorrow, the plenary of the European Parliament will make a decisive vote about the protection of consumers’ privacy when they surf and shop online, use mobile apps, write emails and use instant messaging services.

Our work areas

The internet has come to be a central plank in so much of the commercial, personal and professional lives of European consumers. While this new environment grows ever bigger and more important, it must be remembered that consumers deserve as much protection online as they do off. The issue of privacy and how personal data is defined, processed and retained is at the forefront of EU work and we aim to ensure the regulatory update ensures a robust level of protection for consumers. 

For consumers to reap the benefits of the Digital Era, access to telecom networks and services needs to be guaranteed. We work to ensure the accomplishment of a Telecoms Single Market which delivers on consumers’ expectations, fosters competition and safeguards their rights. We work to ensure that the openness and neutrality of the Internet is protected and that consumers enjoy fair and transparent contracts.

BEUC has already achieved a lot when it comes to keeping roaming charges under control, but the issue is not yet solved. We are working towards eradicating roaming charges.

The internet allows almost infinite possibilities in terms of access to knowledge, culture, diversity of products and services. Despite its borderless character, consumers are confronted with access restrictions depending on their nationality or country. Our work is to ensure consumers have access to a vibrant market of consumer-friendly and affordable legal offers for music and audiovisual content across Europe. 

If you want to discover how EU laws protect consumers in this area, don’t miss the Consumer Champion Digital Services and Telecommunications e-learning courses.

Our objectives

  • Ensure consumers enjoy a high level of personal data protection and that the new framework restores consumers’ control over their data
  • Ensure the Telecoms Single Market delivers to consumers’ expectations of fair competition, better pricing and stronger consumers’ rights such as greater ease in switching provider if dissatisfied
  • Restore and protect Net Neutrality at EU level, so that users can be assured the freedom to access the online content, services, applications, of their choice, using any device they want to without undue traffic management
  • Put an end to ‘roaming costs’ for voice, SMS and data communication within the EU, while prompting competitively priced domestic telecommunication services
  • A balanced and future proof copyright framework and foster the development of new legal offers for music and films online that would be accessible to consumers across Europe without restrictions according to their nationality and place of residence



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