Members of BEUC are able to influence decision-making in Europe, become part of a network of independent national consumer organisations, increase their contacts, extend their expertise and strengthen their national profile. BEUC members participate in campaign activities and contribute to our lobby work.


  • Intelligence
    Members have access to intelligence on consumer issues and EU policy developments. As member, you will also be invited to participate in conferences, workshops and training sessions to help your capacity building as a consumer group.
  • Communication
    Members of BEUC are offered many opportunities to exchange ideas. You will be invited to participate in our bi-annual General Assembly which provides space for networking and exchanging views. Your experts will be invited to regularly organised meetings on our priorities, to share information, discuss policy developments and develop policy positions and strategies. Thanks to our collaboration with other NGOs you will also have the opportunity to liaise with other stakeholders.
  • Visibility
    Due to our unique relationship with European decision makers, EU institutions and our involvement in the global consumer network (Consumers International, Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue etc.) BEUC ensures the voice and concerns of its members are heard in Europe and beyond.


BEUC membership is open to independent national consumer organisations within Europe. BEUC has two categories of membership:
Full Members promote and defend the general interests of consumers, have competence in many areas of consumer interests and have a national outreach. They decide on and participate in BEUC governance, strategy setting, policy making and campaigning. They have the right to participate in all BEUC activities and to vote at General Assemblies.

Affiliate Members have among their main purposes the promotion and defence of consumer general interests, have a national, regional, cross-border or international outreach and competence in the area of consumer interests. They do not participate in governance and strategy setting, but benefit from the network opportunities and the expertise of BEUC. They have the right to participate in all BEUC activities but not to vote.

For more detailed information on these two categories, please refer to our .

Membership fee

BEUC membership fees are fixed annually for member organisations of each category. They are based on a percentage of the total turnover of the organisation:
Full members contribute 0.45% of their annual income.

Affiliate members contribute 0.30% of their annual income.

How to apply?

To become a BEUC member, fill in an and return it to the Secretariat with the required supporting documents. The dossier will then be submitted to the BEUC Executive which meets every two months and appoints two members as commissioners to investigate the application. The commissioners may consult additional documentation and visit the candidate organisation. The Executive will then decide whether or not to recommend the application to the General Assembly. It will also establish what kind of membership will be granted to the organisation. The final decision on the application will be taken by the General Assembly which meets twice a year, usually in May and November.

All applications will be analysed according to the provisions and criteria laid down in our Statutes, specifically Articles 3 and 4.

for an application form.

More info

The BEUC secretariat remains at your disposal for questions regarding our membership policy or for help with the application form. Please refer to the for information on how to reach us.