Ghaqda Tal-Konsumaturi - CA Malta


The Ghaqda tal-Konsumaturi, Consumers' Association - Malta- is a voluntary organisation and has a democratic structure in the sense that all officials are elected annually directly from the membership. It is financed solely by membership fees. Its four main areas of activity are: the representation of local consumers, education, advice and acting as a pressure group.  Our members serve on different administrative boards as consumers' representatives.

Success Stories

  • Input during the government’s consultative process on various laws including the set-up of the new authority, home loans, and most recently on collective redress
  • Commencing the first group action before the courts on behalf of consumers, following serious shortcomings in the new bus service introduced in 2011
  • Taking issue with various consequences for consumers due to deficiencies gas provision
  • Helping the opt-out clause in the provision of telecommunications service be declared unfair.
  • The Council Directive 90/314/EEC in Malta was transposed in early 1990s but the Article setting up the insolvency fund was never put into force. In 2013 a package tour operator closed down left hundreds of consumers on the lurch.  These consumers were literally abandoned by government consumer entities. The Ghaqda organised these consumers and succeeded in both having the insolvency fund set up as required at law and also for these consumers to get compensation.  


  • Founded April 3rd, 1982
  • A BEUC member since 2004
  • Staff: six volunteers
  • 145 Members

Contact Card

Consumers' Association of Malta - Ghaqda Tal-Konsumaturi
Full Member
47A South Street
1101 Valletta

President: Mr. Benny Borg Bonello
Phone: +356 21239091