DECO achieves a beneficial to consumers update of the e-communications law


MEMBER NEWS - 20.07.2016

The Portuguese consumer organisation Deco has achieved the update of the law for electronic communications in the country.  More than 270,000 consumers helped DECO to claim urgent change of this law supporting the organisation’s petitions in 2013 and 2015.


This law represents a substantial change in the contracts signed by consumers and electronic communication providers (e.g. telecommunication providers). Now more information, more transparency and new limits for early termination fees apply, ensuring that the costs are reasonable and proportionate to the real advantages provided to the consumer. 

One of the important benefits to consumers is that telecommunication providers cannot charge a fee for the remaining months until the end of the minimum contractual period, should the consumer chooses to end the contract.

Additionally, an upgrade of the TV channel or the internet speed cannot be considered as a motif for compulsory new loyalty period for the consumer.