DECO: A recognised consumer champion in Portugal


MEMBERS NEWS - 30.03.2016

Almost 700,00 consumers have asked DECO’s support in 2015, 24% more than last year, according to the organisation’s records. Amongst others, DECO assists consumers in the areas of energy, telecommunications and consumer sales.

One of DECO’s biggest ongoing projects, is to help consumers get reimbursed for utility guaranties they paid in the past and have yet to receive back. So far, more than 100,000 consumers have requested DECO’s help, which shows the level of problem awareness the organisation was able to achieve on this topic through campaigning.
In the area of telecommunications, consumers continue to face significantly long contractual periods as a minimum engagement with their provider. DECO advocates for an amendment to the e-communication’s law, which would lead to better informed consumers regarding the terms of telecom providers, better defined loyalty periods, as well as a limitation to imposed penalties.