Italian court admits class action against Samsung on misleading memory capacity


MEMBER NEWS - 16.02.2017

Last week, a Milan court admitted the class action for compensation against Samsung brought by Altroconsumo. “This is a historical decision whose effects will be felt elsewhere in Europe’’ said Marco Pierani, Public Affairs & Media Relations Director at Altroconsumo.


Italian consumers who bought a Samsung smartphone or tablet between August 2009 and December 2014 can now participate in the legal action and apply for compensation for deceitful commercial practices.

BEUC’s Italian member conducted technical tests and found out that Samsung smartphones and tablets had up to 40% less memory capacity than advertised.

Less memory means consumers can install fewer apps, store fewer photos or videos, and struggle to install operating system updates – if at all possible. This unfair practice was so blatant that it had already been detected by institutional watchdogs, when back in 2014 the Italian Authority on Fair Competition had sanctioned  Samsung for one million euro.

For more, please read Altroconsumo’s press release in English.