Which? campaign on broadband


What’s the problem in a nutshell? Research we carried out in January 2014 found 63% of consumers experience problems with their broadband and 45% suffer slow download speeds. Of the 45% experiencing slow speeds, 58% said this was a frequent or constant problem. Around a third of people (36%) have had intermittent connection drop outs and one in seven (15%) have on occasion not been able to connect to the internet at all. The survey also found households are experiencing poor customer service, with 27% waiting two days after reporting a loss of service to have it resolved and 11% waiting a week or more.

What to do?
Which? want to see broadband providers live up to four challenges:

  • Give customers written speed estimates at the start of the contract.
  •  Allow people to exit contracts without penalty if they don’t get that speed.
  • Fix loss of connection as quickly as possible and refund people for loss of service.
  • Cut out the jargon - give consumers information they understand and take responsibility for fixing problems.

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