Adiconsum (Consumers and Environment Protection Association) was founded in 1987 and is recognised by law. It is member of the CNCU, the National Council of Consumers and Users, at the Ministry of Economic Development and is a Social Promotion Association, supported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. Adiconsum is committed to consumer protection and empowerment, but also to the promotion of a sustainable and socially responsible consumption, that is to say environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyles, ethic finance, fair trade, circular economy models, digital inclusion, rights of disadvantaged people, social equality, intellectual property rights etc. Adiconsum pursues its mission by carrying out both individual assistance to complaining consumers, and collective protection initiatives, including projects and campaigns, dialogue with the decision makers, negotiation initiatives towards the  businesses and their associations.

Success Stories

  • Adiconsum introduced the Joint Conciliation procedures for consumer disputes, based on bilateral agreements with companies, recognised as a best practice in ADR
  • Adiconsum runs since 2006 the European Consumer Center Italy (Ecc-Net) assisting consumers in cross-border disputes
  • Adiconsum is the only consumer association managing at national level the Usury and Over-indebtness prevention Fund granted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (since 1998)
  • Adiconsum filed several successful lawsuits and complaints at the Italian Authorities, namely in the field of quality, unfair practices and tariffs of ICT services (Internet Connection, On demand TV, etc.)


  • Founded in 1987
  • + 500 staff: managers, advisors, volunteers
  • + 150 operational offices all over Italy
  • + 20,000 consumer cases per year
  • + 4,500 conciliation procedures carried out per year
  • + 38,000 members

Contact Card

Adiconsum Nazionale
Affiliate Member
Largo Alessandro Vessella 31
IT - 00199 Roma

President: Carlo de Masi
Phone: +39 06 44170249