Consumatori Italiani per l'Europa (CIE)


The association Consumatori Italiani per l’Europa was specifically set up in 2010 to develop the activities of Italian consumers in Europe. It is comprised of three members: Casa del Consumatore, headquartered in Milan and Rome-based association Codici and Associazione Europea Consumatori Indipendenti.

With the admission of CIE to BEUC and combined with Altroconsumo’s member base, Italy can boast of half a million outright subscribers being represented at EU level in 2010.

Success Stories

The most important consumer success in our country was the consumer law of July 31 1998.


  • Founded 8th March 2010 by ACU, Codici and Casa del Consumatore
  • A BEUC member since November 6th , 2010
  • Staff:
  • Codici: 310
  • Casa del Consumatore: 120
  • Members in 2011: 
  • Codici: 33,000 
  • Casa del Consumatore: 91,214
  • Consumers advised last year: 
  • Codici: 35,000
  • Casa del Consumatore: 80,000

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Contact Card

Consumatori Italiani per l'Europa - CIE
Affiliate Member
Via Bobbio 6
20144 Milano

President: Giovanni Ferrari
Phone: +39 2763 16809