dTest is a non-profit organisation founded in 1992 with the name Czech Association of Consumers TEST. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive consumer service via our magazine dTest (www.dtest.cz) and our brochures and phone hotline. We publish tests, promote consumer rights and aspire to their improvement.

Our comparative tools and calculators simplify the selection of services. We also warn against dangerous products with our constantly updated database, against deceptive business practices and educate businesses and consumers.

Success Stories

In January 2005, the law was changed after identifying a series of dangerous children's products – e.g. carcinogenic nitrosamines in baby pacifiers, dyes and preservatives in refrigerated ‘teethers’, the outer surface of the baby bottles.

Since April 2013, after our systematic work on the rights of people visiting daytrips for the elderly and the documentary film "Šmejdi"/“Scum”, this became a high profile issue. We led a ‘petition against scum’ which was accepted by Ministry of Industry and Trade as well as other politicians. 

After identifying forbidden and toxic substances such as pesticides in black tea (September 2012) or DDT in olive oil (October 2012), we achieved the recall of these specific products.


  • Founded in 1992
  • A BEUC member since 2010
  • 25 staff
  • Number of subscribers in 2013: 54.000
  • Number of website visits (2012): 6,149,582
  • Number of consumers advised (2012): 16,791

Contact Card

Czech association of consumers - dTest
Full Member
Černomořská 419/10
CZ-101 00 Praha 10

Member of the Board: Karel Pavlik
Phone: +420 241 404 922
E-mail: pavlik@dtest.cz