CCA, the Cyprus Consumers’ Association was established in 1973 and it’s aim its aim is to defend the interests and promote the rights of consumers in Cyprus.

It’s a non-government, non-profitmaking association, with more than 500 members and is mainly supported by subscription fees and a small governmental grant. Its policy areas include legal, economic, financial, insurance, health, food, environment, safety and consumers education. Among others, through its call center and website provides information, guidance and mediation for consumers complaints. It also provides education through the Schools for Adult Consumers which operate on a weekly basis, offering 25 lectures per year. CCA is governed by a Board elected by members in a General Assembly. All Board members are volunteers.

The Association also represents the interests of Consumers in Parliamentary Committees, before executive bodies and services, Ministerial Committees, other committees and bodies for consumers issues and media.
In addition CCA is a member of ANEC and Consumer International.

Success Stories

One of its first actions was to assist in the establishment and operation of the Price Committee which operated until Cyprus joined the EU, which was ensuring  the fair pricing of products by the commercial companies to consumers.

CCA was instrumental in two important legislations to be passed in Cyprus: ADR and the law on the Financial Ombudsman. The latter was recently given an additional responsibility to appoint mediators in cases of complaints related with the restructuring of nonperforming loans. CCA is represented on the Board of the Body of the Financial Ombudsman.

Through its participation on advertising operator committee (FED), we managed to stop misleading advertisments. CCA also assisted in the transmission of the Cyprus Pound to the Euro in 2008, in order to avoid increase of prices and protect the consumers during this process.

With the intervention of CCA we managed to limit cases of Unfair Commercial Practices coming from airlines, supermarkets and other commercial sectors.

CCA was instrumental in the publication of enterprises which trespass provisions of relevant laws on commercial practices and are fined with administrative penalties.

Ongoing Campaigns for the reduction of electricity bills, of fuel prices, milk prices.


  • Founded in 1973
  • A BEUC member since 2002
  • 1 full time and 1 part-time staff
  • Members in 2020: 500
  • Website visits: 5,500 per month
  • Consumers advised last year: 5,500


Contact Card

Cyprus Consumers' Association - CCA
Full Member
p.o. box 24874
1304 Nicosia

Marios Drousiotis